Two Fantastic Business Books Everyone Must Read

The Tiny MBA and Designing For Cognitive Bias Are Must Reads For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Alike.

Full disclaimer, I consider both of these authors my friends.

Alex Hillman and David Dylan Thomas are what you could call local celebrities in the Philadelphia-area business and technology scene.

Alex is the co-founder of Indy Hall (among other things), one of the first co-working spots in the nation. He is a serial entrepreneur and loves helping the Philly freelance community.

David Dylan Thomas defies explanation. He is a content strategist for Think Company, last time I checked, and is absolutely brilliant. Every time I hear him speak, my mind is blown.

Both authors released their books at the same time (a day apart, actually).

Alex’s book, The Tiny MBA is 107 pages of Twitter-length business advice goodness. You can easily read this book in less than an hour and leave feeling so much smarter. But you’ll definitely want to reread this book over and over. It’s really an amazing little book.

David’s book Design For Cognitive Bias is a bit meatier of a book, coming in just under 100 pages, but with more substantial text on each page. When you dive into David’s book, you realize how bias you are and how biased the world both online and off actually is. It’s enlightening and sobering. It was published by A Book Apart, which is known for publishing short, hard-hitting books on design and business.

Both authors are fantastic people and their books are just extensions of their knowledge and love for sharing it with the world.

If you get a chance to pick up a copy of each, I highly suggest it.