TikTok is still here.

The clock struck midnight and the social network hasn't been banned

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Well, that ended with a fizzle. After much ado about nothing, the Trump administration has not followed through, as of yet, with their banning of the social network Tiktok.

Regardless of if you use it or not, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I’m only slightly being sarcastic.

Tiktok has come on the scene and become a force to be reckoned with. Where most new social media startups have failed, Tiktok hasn’t. Even with Facebook/Instagram ripping off the entire premise of the app with their Reels product, Tiktok has prevailed.

There is something about Tiktok that makes it “sticky” and people and even brands are drawn to it. The latter mostly because of the audience.

Although I haven’t gotten into it as much as others have, I have to admit there is potential in the platform for businesses and brands as well.

A broken truck, Ocean Spray, and a longboard

Recently a Tiktocker (I think that’s what we call them), did a post of himself riding to work on a longboard, after his truck broke down, drinking Ocean Spray and listening to Fleetwood Mac. The video, as simple as it was, went viral.

Ocean Spray, as expected, was thrilled, giving the man tons of their product and a new, appropriately colored, cranberry red pickup truck to replace the broken one that resulted in the ride on the longboard and viral video.

This is just one example of how TikTok has taken the world by storm. In fact, all the press that President Trump has given the social network could possibly be attributed to its increased staying power.

How Can Brands and Companies Use Tiktok

Brands can utilize Tiktok in a number of different ways. The first is by creating their own content. The key here is to not overly promotional. Use your product, but be original in how it’s used. Heck, be creative.

The second is engaging with influencers on the platform. Have them use your product and use it in creative ways, thus creating a buzz.

Thirdly, is monitoring the network and engaging with people who use your brand on their own in their videos. Be human. Like and comment on the videos. Heck, even reach out to them on a side-channel to collaborate.

The opportunities for Tiktok are endless. You just have to think outside of the box.